works / sirk

Generative design system with Graphical User Interface


    Sirk is a DJ/producer and a friend I've been working with for a long time.

    The concept behind this generator was to provide us with a tool capable of producing an infinite variety of visuals using a highly distinct yet extremely flexible system.

    That system is based on agents that move through time to draw shapes on the canvas. Their movement is determined by one of many preset mathematical equations, or with a "wind" system that allows the user to draw a custom flow field.

    On top of that :

    • agents feature a collision detection system, enabling them to identify collisions with one another and with black pixels on a white image (for masking purposes)
    • they can be overlaid on an image or derive their color from the pixel at the corresponding position on the image
    • they can randomly obtain their color from a palette that users can modify, load, and store locally within the app
    • images are exported in a square format and automatically adjusted to meet other social media standards (stories and covers)
    • all parameters are stored in local storage and persist across sessions


    We have barely scratched the surface of what this system is capable of.