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loading… my favorite game. a generative art series by Julien Labat on Editart
my favorite game #0

Parametric generative series
JavaScript & GLSL shaders
133 editions

just a game.

Parametric art can be quite confusing at times from the co-creator's point of view. Often you find yourself moving esoteric sliders, blindly inputting numbers … when not getting overwhelmed by the number of parameters to try out …

Editart has an interesting concept in that regard : parametric art that is fully deterministic and only gives you 5 sliders to play with. This approach allows anyone to get a better grasp on the full parametric space of a given series. And it makes the experience quite enjoyable and less time consuming.

loading… my favorite game #24 by Andre Fuchs & Julien Labat
#24 by Andre Fuchs

The challenge then is to create a system that relies on simple understandable rules and ensure the effect of each slider is visible and somewhat predictable - while offering a large parametric space for collectors to explore, producing a variety of interesting outputs.

loading… my favorite game #3 by pixelwank & Julien Labat
#20 by pixelwank
loading… my favorite game #3 by Camille Roux & Julien Labat
#3 by Camille Roux
loading… my favorite game #7 by nbswwit & Julien Labat
#7 by nbswwit
loading… my favorite game #9 by nbswwit & Julien Labat
#9 by nbswwit

nobody has time for that.

With the goal of a quick, fun experience for the collectors in mind, I decided to make it a fun, quick experience for myself. I built the system in one day and kept it to the simplest forms and techniques I enjoy working with : grids, wonky geometric shapes, symmetry, and a pinch of shader magic. But it had to be quick and dirty.

loading… my favorite game, grid system
basic grid / reflected grid
loading… my favorite game, grid random filling
same parameters, different random seeds

So. Simple rules : there is a grid that gets randomly filled with simple shapes. There is also an optional 'reflection' mode where the output changes to a two-axis symmetry …

... we randomly pick :

  • whether a cell gets a shape or stays empty (weighted by a density factor)
  • the type of the shape
  • the color of the shape (from a set palette)

... sliders control respectively :

  • the color palette (133 options)
  • the number of rows (3 to 59)
  • the number of columns (3 to 123)
  • the random seed that will affect all random picks (1000 options)
  • the density factor (density > 50% triggers the reflection)

133 palettes

The big thing I have been working on before this release is a color palette generator (guaranteed love-hate relationship with a computer program). I made it produce a lot of palettes and hand-picked 133 from the bunch.

loading… my favorite game, all 133 palettes
have you noticed how I kinda tried to sort them by first color but quickly decided it was not worth the effort ?

"Why 133 ?" I hear you ask. Because arbitrary numbers are arbitrary.

a hidden dimension.

loading… my favorite game #3 by Jess Hewitt & Julien Labat
#5 by Jess Hewitt
loading… my favorite game #11 by Pifragile & Julien Labat
#11 by Pifragile

As a nod to parametric art esoterism, some obscure slider combinations give completely different outputs with heavy shader distortion. But I'm a nice person so they're not that rare and pretty easy to find by simply spamming the 'randomize' button.

loading… my favorite game #26 by Pawel Dudko & Julien Labat
#5 by Pawel Dudko

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